Book by Abi Basch
Music Composition and Arrangement by
Georg Bissen and Dave Peck

November 12-15, 19-21, 1998 8PM
November 22, 1998 3PM LEEDS THEATRE

Directed by Sara Ciarelli
Set Design by Eric Green
Costume Design by Justin Bernstine
Lighting Design by Kate Shaw
Choreography by Jessica Gaynor
Musical Direction by Isaac Robert Hurwitz
Technical Direction by Brian Herschcopf

in order of appearance

ORESTES Kristian Imai
IPHIGENIA Marisa Quintanilla
CHORUS Megan Hart
Jori Ketten
Jonathan Martin
Nikki Phillips
Anne Robinson
Nate Stumpff
M. Paco Tolson
Jason Yust
AGAMEMNON Alex Threadgold
PYTHIA Sarah Cocuzzo Pete
CLYTEMNESTRA Marieke Beeuwkes
ACHILLES M. Paco Tolson
PERSEPHONE Susanna Harris

Time: Ancient Greece. The Future. Now.
Place: A land torn by famine. A world on the dawn of the new millennium.
A future of hope. Aulis. Tauris. Argos. The Underworld Intertwined.

There will be a ten-minute intermission between Acts I and II


"Dreams, Lies" Orestes
"Ritual to Den Mother"
"Battle at Aulis"
"Mother's Hymn" Chorus, Iphigenia, Agamemnon, Pythia
"Dreams, Lies Again" Orestes
"The Letter Home" Agamemnon
"Queen of His World" Clytemnestra and Servants
"Underworld Ballet" Iphigenia and Chorus
"Tales from a Sleeping Goddess" Persephone
"Mother's Hymn" (reprise) Chorus


"Dreams, Lies Yet Again" Orestes
"Mighty King" Orestes and Chorus
"The Letter Home" (reprise) Agamemnon
"Clytemnestra's Fantasy" Clytemnestra, Achilles,
Iphigenia, Chorus
"Tales from a Sleeping Goddess" (reprise) Persephone and Iphigenia
"The Love of a Half-God" Achilles
"The Argument" Clytemnestra, Agamemnon,
Achilles, Iphigenia, and Chorus
"Pythia's Passion" Pythia
"Surprise! Dreams, Lies" Orestes
"Ritual to Den Mother" (reprise) Company
"Aria" Iphigenia

"The metamorphic 'birth' into the Level Above Human occurs as follows: In any given civilization on a fertile planet such as Earth (and Earth has had many period/cyclical civilizations), the Level Above Human plants all the new life forms (including humans) for that civilization in a neutral conditions so that they have a chance to choose the direction of their growth. The level Above Human - or Next Level - directly (hands on) relates significantly to the civilization at its beginning stage, and subsequently (with few exceptions) at approximately 2000-year intervals (28-hour intervals from a Next Level perspective) until that civilization's final 'Age'. ...If you have grown to hate your life in this world and would lose it for the sake of the Next Level, you will find true life with us - potentially forever. If you cling to this life --- will you not lose it?"

    - Jwnody, student, Heaven's Gate

Technological advancement allows for absolute control over existence. How grateful do we become when a train schedule is reliable down to the minute? How often do we dismiss ecological problems as a nuisance that Scientists and technologists will eventually solve? Airlines boast that technology makes the wold smaller and smaller, and that we can travel faster and faster. What happens, then, when technology becomes so advanced that time and space disappear? And then what happens when we reach a millennium, a transition in that space-time continuum?

Technology approaches a sophistication so extreme that it may become unseen except for within ourselves. Perhaps one day we will be able to control our entire life on earth with thought.

Atreus Dawn merges the spheres of hyper-technology and Greek myth onto a stage created by Iphigenia's psyche. Her imagination embodies a civilization searching for truth, justice, and faith in a world that has been technologically comprised by the hands of Man. A world made by humans and lost in a labyrinth of time is not longer a place for humanity. The Den Mother, acting under the guise of a cult to bring back the ancient Gods, takes advantage of the absence of faith in a world starved for spiritual sustenance that the controlling forces of technology induces. Atreus Dawn is the clash between hyper-technology, faith and humanity that ultimately bows to the hand of fate.

If a world can exist within a thought, what happens when we dream?

    - Sara Ciarelli


Atreus Dawn is created from the mighty influences of Euripides, Marshall Applewhite, and Herbert T. Beaver. We dedicate our electronic musical extravaganza to our families. Without your support and inspiration, we never could have recreated the House of Atreus, a family of epicly absurd proportions. Thank you.
    - Abi Basch, Georg Bissen and David Peck

assistant director alex aixala
stage manager amy sonnenborn
production manager lauren bass
assistant stage managers rita lindahl
liz loza
assistant production managers elana berkowitz
rita lindahl
master electrician sarah osten
sound engineer steve schwartz
dimmerboard operator jason sobel
electricians celia adelson
devin borland
jarrett byrnes
sam kusnetz
tracy schultz
costume shop manager ann s. smith
assistant costume designer kay lee
prop design rebecca white
hair/makeup design kenneth jones
costume shop assistants naomi bernstein
justin bernstine
amy hofer
dressers amy hofer
rebekka paynter
costume crew TA27, TA189
props amber dance
vocal coach isaac robert hurwitz
dramaturg jasmine syedullah
set crew TA25
running crew jarrod fischer
andre lepine
shahzia rahman
louie ames
box office/front of house/publicity karen longest
box office assistants joanne chapman
alexis prussack
poster design lucas fleisher
jess brakely publicity photographer


Brown University Theatre Department, Bill Roche, Phillip Contic, Anne S. Smith, John Lucas, Dave Crowley, Charles Mee, Mark Cohen, Lowry Marshall, Production Workshop, Musical Forum, Targetlink Solutions, Rites and Reasons, Kara Feely, Sam Basch, xoreo, Christina White, Valerie Gree, Paul Grellong, Dan Sandler, Brown Film Society, Howard Fredrics, Todd Winkler, Barry Moon, Akemi Fujita, Daniel Rios, Jesse Chan-Norris, Sara Nolan, Professor Wyatt, Psychorobotica, and Alison Cimmet


Lauren Bass, Sara Ciarelli (on leave), Alison Cimmet, Eileen Connor, Thea Grant (Chair), Noam Katz, Channing Moore, Alix Sobler, Jasmine Syedullah, Rebecca White, Taylor White, Joe Zarrow. Faculty Advisor: Phillip Contic.